Ethics Advice / Consultation

What you should know if you have an ethical question, concern, or dilemma.
Attorneys are frequently faced with ethical concerns or dilemmas in their practice.  Many ethical questions are either not specifically addressed by the Rules of Professional Conduct or fall into “gray areas.”  Attorney Craig Simpson has 33 years experience concentrating on attorney ethics and disciplinary issues, including 7 years of employment with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.  Attorney Simpson has a knowledge of the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Disciplinary Board Rules, the Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement, and “the ropes” that only 33 years of experience can bring.  All inquiries are strictly confidential.  Among the ethical concerns on which Attorney Craig Simpson advises his colleagues are the following:

  • Resolution of Conflicts of Interests Issues
  • Review of Legal Advertising for Ethical Propriety
  • Confidentiality Issues
  • Issues Relating to Improper Conduct by Clients
  • How to Properly Safekeep Entrusted Property or Funds
  • Proper Compliance with IOLTA Rules
  • Duties to Prospective Clients
  • Trial Publicity
  • Duty to Report Professional Misconduct by Another Lawyer or a Judge
  • Vicarious Liability for a Subordinate Lawyer’s Misconduct
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law Issues
  • Ethical Propriety of Fees and Fee Agreements
  • Professional Independence of a Lawyer
  • Permissible Law-Related Activities by a Suspended or Disbarred Lawyer
  • Ethical Ramifications of Criminal Charges Against an Attorney
  • Multijurisdictional Practice Issues
  • Multi-disciplinary Practice Issues

If you have questions or concerns on these or any other ethical issues, contact Attorney Craig Simpson at 412-731-3100 for discreet, confidential advice.

Other Practice Areas:

If you have been contacted by the Disciplinary Board, the Client Security Fund, the Board of Law Examiners, the Judicial Conduct Board, or if you have any other ethical concerns or questions, contact Attorney Craig Simpson at 412-731-3100 to arrange an appointment at our convenient and confidential office.  All inquiries are strictly confidential.